SEMPLE beginnings

Al Melchiorre of dé-al Salon designed Semplifi for the clients who sit in his chair every day. Their hair care routines are overly complicated, their bathrooms crowded by different products for every occasion. To add insult to hair injury, many of those products do not provide the results they promise. Al himself is intimate with how quickly a dedicated space for self-care can be transformed into a graveyard for failed hair products.

Life is complicated enough, and self-care is sacred. Al decided to help his clients sweep away the clutter and bring on the shine.

The Semplifi hair care system is a revolutionary wet line of five products that is completely customizable based on your day-to-day hair care needs. Semplifi works for every hair type in every situation. Hot, cold, wet, dry, staticky, frizzy or no-time-to-wash-it hair will look its best whether you are younger or older, with short hair or long.

And not only will it free your home from product overpopulation and streamline your daily hair care routine, Semplifi is ideal for travel, whether town to town or continent to continent, due to its incredible versatility. One product for anywhere and anywhen.