You may have noticed this trend in your household: You purchase a new shampoo and conditioner and begin using it. At first, your hair looks like the bottle promises: voluminous, shiny, thick, frizz-free. But, after using it religiously for 3-4 weeks, you start noticing your hair doesn't look the same as it did at first. It starts looking tired, grimy, and listless. You run to the store, grab a new bottle, and start the cycle over. 

You see, traditional shampoos and styling products work by coating your hair follicle with chemicals to make it appear healthier. But, after a few weeks of using the product, it stops working because there's too many layers of product on your hair.

That's why we created Semplifi. Instead of sitting on the surface of your hair, Semplifi penetrates the hair follicle and nourishes the individual strands of hair. Created like a skin cream or lotion, the nutrients in our shampoo are absorbed and your hair looks voluminous, shiny, thick, and frizz-free because it's HEALTHY and nourished. 

And that's the way we like hair: naturally beautiful and healthy from the inside out. 

Our shampoo was created by New York stylist Al Melchiorre. Born, raised, and trained in the Big Apple, he's been in the hair industry for nearly 40 years. Let's do some quick math on that: 

10 heads of hair a day X 5 days a week X 52 weeks in a year X 42 years= 


Who do you trust more to give counsel on what hair products to use - a hair stylist who's touched 74k heads of hair, or a big shampoo company? 

We thought so.